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Sindhu Ravuri is a senior at The Harker School, San Jose CA.  She is an honor-roll student and a vociferous speaker. Her greatest passion is working toward anti-sex trafficking, especially of children.  Sindhu's work with Apne Aap Women Worldwide headed by Ruchira Gupta, the Emmy Award winner and UN Delegate, was recognized by the President’s Award for community Service (Gold).  She also recently educationally adopted 5-year-old girl, Prachi from Dharmpura, India, who is at risk into being sex-trafficking and promised life-long education through her savings.  She started a branch of Apne Aap in California and wishes to raise awareness about sex trafficking amongst youth through “Cool Men Don’t buy Sex” campaign.  Sindhu is an accomplished Indian Classical dancer (Kuchipudi) and is the student of Padmabhushans  (Padma Bhushan is the third highest civilian award in the Republic of India. It is awarded to recognize distinguished service of a high order to the nation, in any field) Raja Radha Reddy, New Delhi. Along with their troupe, she performed for the president of India and also toured Russia and Germany. She was the youngest in their troupe at 14 and 16.  Her other passions include writing and FPS (Future Problem Club) for which she received many awards, STATE, NATION, AND INTERNATIONAL.  Recently, after an invigorating and extremely challenging Kaiser Permanente Medical Internship, her interest in medical field is also kindled.

She was the youngest speaker invited to speak at the 12th Women's World (WW) Congress, 2014 in Hyderabad, India.  Hosted by the University of Hyderabad and headed by Prof Rekha Pande, the theme for this conference was "Gender in a changing world.”   She was the youngest speaker and only high schooler to be invited.

Her other leadership qualities include being Editor-in-Chief and Founder of WingSpan the First Harker School Magazine, under the guidance of Ellen Austin, Harker School Journalism Department

She rose from Business Editor of the School’s Newspaper, The Winged Post in 2012, Global Editor 2013 and now Editor-in-Chief 2014- for the School’s First Long form Magazine.


  • I was the youngest Speaker invited to speak to the 12th Women's World Congress, Hyderabad, India
  • I Received the "Merida" Award from my Mosaic internship at San Jose Mercury News for interviewing people from India in Hindi, pursuing local sex trafficking victim Minh Dang and her alleged trafficker, her mother, and being one of the most courageous reporters
  • I interviewed Emmy Award-winning journalist Ruchira Gupta from India
  • I also received the California Teen Ambassadress Scholarship for my work and volunteering in sex trafficking (gave speech to mayors and policemen about my cause to spread awareness)
  • I Received best Poster award at the Cambridge University, England for Triple Helix Conference in 2013 for my paper on the social neglect of schizophrenics

A list of activities of all my potentially relevant interests and activities during my high school:

  • Assistant Editor for the Triple Helix Society, of which Harker is the only high school chapter (won best poster at Cambridge University Triple Helix conference this year)
  • 4th year Newspaper Member (Business Editor 2012, Global Editor this year, 2013, Editor-in-Chief, WingSpan Magazine)
  • Teacher, Stanford Tutoring Network and teach middle school students at San Jose public schools.
  • Member of Spanish National Honor Society. I wrote articles in Spanish and designed some sections.
  • Member of the Future Problem Solvers Club since 7th Grade (High school Head Research officer for last two years; won 1st at states and 4th and international conferences last year)
  • Member of Varsity Dance Troupe at Harker.
  • Teach dance outside of school on weekends
  • Went to Germany over summer to perform for the German Parliament
  • Performed for the Indian Parliament and President.


  • Honor Roll Student (All High School Years)
  • Love of Learning Award (2014), The Harker School
    This award recognizes students whose engagement in the classroom environment enriches the learning experience They approach their education with a genuine desire to learn. Students who receive this award show a combination of both academic excellence and passion in the classroom and beyond.
  • AP Scholar Distuinguished
    In recognition of exemplary college-level achievement on Advanced Placement Program Examinations
  • PSAT Commended National Merit Scholar


Her passion for writing began way back in middle school but was crystalized with her internship at the prestigious San Jose Mercury News’ Mosaic. Her training under Joe Rodriguez, Elliot Almond and Sharon Noguchi gave her field experience and her article on child-sex trafficking received Merida Award for fearless reporting. At school she became the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the first ever WingSpan, a longform feature magazine. Previously she acted as the Business Editor(2012) and Global Editor (2014) to the School Newspaper Winged Post. In 2014 summer she got into the Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill Journalism program and was highly appreciated by her advisors. Two of her articles were published and her article on “Seamy side of online dating,” will be published in the first WingSpan magazine.

Future Problem Solving

  • Head Research Officer (three years in a row) for the Future Problem Solvers Club, Harker School
  • Won First Place International Bowl and State Bowl, Action Plan Presentation, 9th Grade
  • Won 1st at state Bowl Competitions and 4th at the International Bowl, Action Plan, 9th grade
  • State Bowl Finalist, 11the grade, International Bowl


  • Sindhu received many national and international awards for her dance both in Indian Classical and semi-classical. Teaches dance at Aerodance Academy in Fremont. International Certificate of Recognition from UNESCO and a “Letter of Recommendation” from the Director of UNESCO
  • Outstanding Achievement in Dance Santa Clara County Salute to Youth/Hall of Fame
  • School’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Dance Member
  • First and youngest performer of the Kuchipudi Classical dance at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
  • Performed for the president and the Parliament of India (Classical)
  • Performed in Russia and Germany
  • First Place National (USA) Classical and Second Place Semi-classical
  • First Place (Two years in a row) State Sony TV’s Boogie Woogie Dance Compettions
  • First Place (Several years) California’s CCF, FIA, BATA, ATA

TestimonialsView All

I came to know Sindhu when she was selected, from among a large group of candidates, to participate in a summer medical internship program at our hospital. Sindhu demonstrated a remarkable degree of poise, maturity and professionalism during her time with us. All the physicians loved working with her. Her bedside manner was excellent....  See more
MD, Kaiser Permanente, San Jose
She has my deepest respect, because her engagement for girls’ rights continued. Sindhu, who is a classical dancer in California, has raised money from her dance shows, to support Prachi, a 5-year-old daughter of Arti, from Sapera Basti, a marginalized nomadic group trapped in inter-generational prostitution in New Delhi, India....  See more
Emmy Award Winner and UN Delegate, founder of an Indian grassroots organization, Apne Aap, Women Worldwide.
Not many reporters at your stage of development would be brave enough to explore the seamy side of online dating services and their exploitation of debt-burdened, college-aged young women....  See more
- Dr.Alan Bindiger
Kaiser Permanente, San Jose
“I am fortunate to have worked with Sindhu in June at the Mosaic, the high school journalism workshop sponsored by the Mercury News. From the beginning, it was clear that she was a motivated, thoughtful and well-prepared student. She proposed writing about sex slavery on two continents, an ambitious undertaking for even a seasoned journalist....  See more
- Sharon Noguchi
Staff Writer, San Jose Mercury News, Mosaic Instructor
"When Sindhu Ravuri is in reporter mode, she's aggressive and thorough. She covers all of the bases journalism requires....   See more
- Joe Rodriguez
Director Emeritus, Mosaic Journalism Workshop Staff Writer, San Jose Mercury News
“It is my privilege to validate the gifted and brilliant Sindhu Ravuri, who served as the 2013-14 California Teen Ambassadress...he not only serves but she does it in strength, with a natural grace and ability and I am the better for knowing her....  See more
- Bill Smethers
William R Smethers (Mr S), Executive Director, Youth Focus, Inc.
She has approached difficult topics by promoting respect for those less fortunate, and even endangered. In the Museum environment, she is often surrounded by younger girls and boys that look up to her, and she excels as a positive role model....  See more
- Autumn Young
Marketing Manager Children Discovery Museum
“I can't tell you enough how impressed I was with Sindhu. One truly should be proud of how she represented her dance and the beauty of her tradition. She is truly on the path to being a primary exponent of her dance form....  See more
- Carlos Carvajal
Artistic director at San Fransisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 2007 – Present (7 years)
Sindhu is born to dance. She is a natural.  She is quick to learn, easy to handle and extremely flexible. It is because of her natural talent combined with her determination to learn and excel through vigorous practice that I decided to take her to Russia and Germany to perform....  See more
- Raja Reddy
Kuchipudi Exponant and Padmabhushan Award Recipient
Sindhu has incredible creative energy and refreshing idealism of helping the needy Indian women and we support her in cause of her new endeavor of helping young children via dance. Sindhu has shown consistent growth, dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and passion for dance...  See more
- Ranjani Manda
Founder, Director Aerodance Academy, Fremont
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