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  • I came to know Sindhu when she was selected, from among a large group of candidates, to participate in a summer medical internship program at our hospital...Sindhu demonstrated a remarkable degree of poise, maturity and professionalism during her time with us. All the physicians loved working with her. Her bedside manner was excellent.

    She demonstrated initiative by reading in advance of each day’s scheduled procedures, initiative frequently absent in actual medical students and residents. Of all the students I have worked with over the years, Sindhu stands out as the one I would most like to work with on an ongoing basis as a colleague.

    My time with her also gave me some insight into her character and goals. While many students engage in volunteer activities to "check the box" for their college applications, Sindhu is genuinely passionate about the causes she works for, yet she is not naive. She can discuss and debate issues with equanimity, and can still consider alternate points of view.

    She not only does hands-on work to further her goals, but fund-raises, and uses her journalism skills to raise awareness for the causes she believes in.

    My time with Sindhu has convinced me that she is brilliant, delightful, and mature beyond her years. She will be an asset to the university fortunate enough to have her as their student.
    - Dr.Alan Bindiger
    Kaiser Permanente, San Jose
  • “Sindhu found me in India through research and perseverance three years ago to interview me for her school newspaper. She has my deepest respect, because her engagement for girls’ rights continued. Sindhu, who is a classical dancer in California, has raised money from her dance shows, to support Prachi, a 5-year-old daughter of Arti, from Sapera Basti, a marginalized nomadic group trapped in inter-generational prostitution in New Delhi, India.

    Sindhu speaks fearlessly as the california Teen Ambassador. She won my respect when she presented her article on “Rising trend of the seamy side of online dating services and their exploitation of debt-burdened, college-aged young women,” at the 12th World Women’s Congress 2014, in Hyderabad, India, where the theme was Gender in a Changing World.” She was the youngest speaker in the conference and I was moved by her research.

    Sindhu recently conducted a dance workshop at an Apne Aap center in Dharampura, Delhi, India and continues to do extensive research and spokesmanship for the cause of ending sex-trafficking and the rights of girls. Sindhu is only 17 and has already done so much. I feel that she will be a global leader against human trafficking one day. Any institution will both benefit her and benefit from having someone as joyful, enthusiastic and sensitive as her, as part of its community.”
    - Ruchira Gupta
    Emmy Award Winner and UN Delegate, founder of an Indian grassroots organization, Apne Aap, Women Worldwide
  • “I love your eagerness to tackle ambitious stories that might scare off other young reporters. Your trend story is a prime example of that. Not many reporters at your stage of development would be brave enough to explore the seamy side of online dating services and their exploitation of debt-burdened, college-aged young women. And I must confess that I was a bit hesitant about allowing you to pursue this. But your passion for the concept convinced me to allow you to give it your best shot. I am happy to report that your tenacity and your willingness to keep plugging away until you found “sugar babies” and “sugar daddies” who were willing to speak with you has paid off. I think this story demonstrates your industriousness and your ability to take a deep dive into a difficult topic.”
    - Charles Whitaker
    Cherub Instructor, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
  • “I am fortunate to have worked with Sindhu in June at the Mosaic, the high school journalism workshop sponsored by the Mercury News. From the beginning, it was clear that she was a motivated, thoughtful and well-prepared student. She proposed writing about sex slavery on two continents, an ambitious undertaking for even a seasoned journalist.

    Before starting at Mosaic, Sindhu already had set up her sources by contacting activists who work on combat sex slavery and heal its victims. She conducted interviews in the middle of the night with sources in India. She sought out an outspoken crusader in the Bay Area, and talked with another victim in rural California.

    Most impressively, Sindhu asked hard questions of one of her sources whose story of victimization didn’t quite add up. And Sindhu also called the person whom the victim alleged sold her into prostitution. This was an amazingly brave act, especially for a high school journalist. She impressed the entire staff of the Mosaic.

    Sindhu has a strong work ethic, and is devoted to thoroughly reporting a story and carefully crafting it. She was a pleasure to edit and advise.
    - Sharon Noguchi
    Staff Writer, San Jose Mercury News, Mosaic Instructor
  • "When Sindhu Ravuri is in reporter mode, she's aggressive and thorough. She covers all of the bases journalism requires."
    - Joe Rodriguez
    Director Emeritus, Mosaic Journalism Workshop Staff Writer, San Jose Mercury News
  • “It is my privilege to validate the gifted and brilliant Sindhu Ravuri, who served as the 2013-14 California Teen Ambassadress.

    I began Youth Focus, a non-profit corporation, forty-six years ago, and Sindhu has been one of the hardest working, mature individuals to have been involved in our programs in all of my years. In her final participation with our programs, Sindhu moved the entire audience at the Santa Clara Convention Center, with her speech on child sex-trafficking.

    She represented Youth Focus during her reign, in various fund raisers, donating to Apne Aap, a grass roots sex-trafficking eradication group, based in New Delhi, India and spear-headed by Ruchira Gupta, an Emmy Award winner and UN Delegate. Sindu's innovative efforts in this cause, and in her various community service outreaches, show a natural born leader, capable beyond her years. She not only serves but she does it in strength, with a natural grace and ability and I am the better for knowing her.
    - Bill Smethers, William R Smethers (Mr S)
    Executive Director, Youth Focus, Inc.
  • “It is with great honor that I submit this recommendation for Sindhu Ravuri. Sindhu has been a partner with Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose for several years. In her role as performer, volunteer and advocate, Sindhu has demonstrated leadership, courage and grace. She has approached difficult topics by promoting respect for those less fortunate, and even endangered. In the Museum environment, she is often surrounded by younger girls and boys that look up to her, and she excels as a positive role model. Sindhu is a caring, compassionate young woman, mature beyond her years. She has been an asset to the Museum and will be a positive influence in whatever endeavor she takes on.
    - Autumn Young
    Event Coordinator, Marketing Manager Children Discovery Museum
  • “I can't tell you enrough how impressed I was with Sindhu. You truly should be proud of how she represented her dance and the beauty of your tradition. She is truly on the path to being a primary exponent of her dance form. Big expressive eyes and beautiful bone structure. Musical to perfection. I have nothing but admiration for your nurturing this incarnate dancer. Her talent is obvious to me and to CK as well as all who witness her dance. I would personally enjoy seeing the entire dance, all 20 minutes of it. If I were directing my own company I certainly would want to invite her to be a guest artist.

    She is so capable and in command of the stage. Beyond her years. Her stability in most of the postures was exceptional. She stood still as a statue. Very difficult control specially in the middle of a huge black stage where it is difficult to "spot". I know exactly how difficult that is and was thrilled. It is a privilege to watch her and perform at the Ethnic Dance Festival.”
    - Carlos Carvajal
    Artistic director at San Fransisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 2007 – Present (7 years)
  • Sindhu is born to dance. She is a natural. She is quick to learn, easy to handle and extremely flexible. It is because of her natural talent combined with her determination to learn and excel through vigorous practice that I decided to take her to Russia and Germany to perform. She was the youngest in our group but performed exceptionally. She also performed at the Parliament house in India and I am very proud of her. I am honored that she is my student. I am so im- pressed that she comes all the way from San Jose to New Delhi to learn dance. Her dedication is exemplary. She is a role model to many young dancers. When Sindhu dances she reminds me of lightening.
    - Raja Reddy
    Kuchipudi Eponant and Padmabhushan Award Recepient
  • As a student of my Aerodance Academy, Sindhu performed with groups and also as a soloist. The feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive after her enthralling performance. She has consistently won many competitions at both Regional and National level.

    Sindhu has been trained to teach semi-classical dance at Aerodance and is an excellent teacher by young age of fourteen. She is an excellent performing artist with high moral values and tremendous respect for school and family. She is sure to bring laurels to any institution she chooses to join.

    Sindhu has incredible creative energy and refreshing idealism of helping the needy Indian women and we support her in cause of her new endeavor of helping young children via dance. Sindhu has shown consistent growth, dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and passion for dance which has given her the international recognition she has today. She has been a pleasure to work with throughout the ten years of her tenure at Aerodance. I highly recommend Sindhu.
    - Ranjani Manda
    Founder, Director Aerodance Academy, Fremont
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